The Theatre Space (youth theatre)


Welcome to The Theatre Space, my independent, not-for-profit youth theatre for ages 7 – 14. It’s called The Theatre Space because I firmly believe that all you need to create theatre is a space and some keen participants – and week after week, that’s what we do! I’m passionate about devising theatre and physical theatre, rather than using scripts and relying on a lot of scenery, so twice a year, each group aims to put on a play devised by themselves, under my direction. OK, we do sometimes use props (that’s one that we made in the picture above!) and we do use lighting and sound effects but mostly we exploit the space and the company’s natural brilliance!


Classes are on Wednesday nights, at the Dupuis Centre, in St John the Evangelist’s RC church, on the Oxford Road in Banbury.

5 – 6.3opm – Juniors  – 7-11 year olds

6.30pm – 8.30pm – Inters – 12 – 14 year olds

The fee is £55 per 11 week term.

If you’d like to join, drop me an email at or call me on 01926 403424 or text/call me on 07504 989 033

Below, here’s a small group representing us when we won an Impetus Award for our play about children’s rights. We received our award from the Children’s Commissioner – that’s him, underneath!

impetus award 007

impetus award 009


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