Here I am in action in China!

My unique, inter-active stories have travelled widely. As well as China, I’ve visited schools in Russia and Germany, to tell them and to run writing workshops, not to mention well over two hundred schools and libraries in the UK.

Meg HarperTue007

In role as one of my characters in Germany

If you’re looking for re-tellings of traditional stories, I’m not the teller you want! Though I do tell stories very loosely re-working old tales, all my stories (so far!) are my own, original work, written specifically for children, and for the most part, with an inter-active element. Mostly they’re light-hearted and humorous but I’m extending my range to include the creepy and the poignant. I don’t do horror! They’re suitable for 4 – 11 year olds – I’m working on more for 11+ at present.

Storytelling is performance so it is pretty high-octane and for that reason,  I don’t do more than an hour at time. If you’re a school wanting me to tell stories to every child you have, then I’d suggest a structure that goes something like this:

Nursery: 30 mins

KS1: 30 mins  – 45 mins max

Years 3 and 4: 45 mins – 1 hour

Years 5 and 6: 45 mins – 1 hour

You can maximise my energy and my talents by having storytelling/creative writing workshops – I do less storytelling and some teaching. As an experienced and qualified teacher, I can create workshops to suit your targets or you can book some of my ‘off the peg’ workshops.

Too much storytelling in a day and you’ll be wiping me off the floor and sending me home in a bin bag  – so please be reasonable in your requests. See it as theatre!

My fees are very reasonable and there is a discount for local venues as I spend less time travelling. Drop me an email through this site or to or call my on 07504 989 033, to discuss your requirements.




One response to “Storytelling”

  1. scskillman says :

    Your storytelling sounds great, Meg, and I’m sure you’ll wow them at the Edinburgh Fringe! I’ve nominated you fro a Versatile Blogger Award:

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