What can I do for you?

Services I offer:

  • I write to commission. I have experience of writing novels, short stories, educational and factual books and plays. I am always interested in breaking new ground.
  • I give talks about being an author and about creative writing.
  • I teach creative writing at all levels. I have taught in contexts as diverse as international schools in China and Russia and a computer games company in Leamington Spa. I have off-the-peg workshops for you to choose from or I can create something new for your context.
  • I tell stories for young people in events of up to an hour. They are mostly inter-active. Some are downright funny and some are more thought-provoking.
  • I create drama workshops to suit your needs. My particular interest is in creating drama workshops for heritage locations but I’m always up for a challenge!

For details on pricing get in touch with me in my Contact section.

Here I am in my Tudor costume, which I wear for my very popular KS 2 Tudor Whodunnit drama and creative writing workshop. I’m the shorter one!

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