A bit about me:

I have a wonderfully varied career and skill set.

  • I’m a well-established author and write books, short stories and plays.
  • I’m a storyteller with my own unique modern brand of inter-active storytelling, using stories that I write myself.
  • I run creative writing and drama workshops in schools, libraries and museums, for all keystages and abilities.
  • I run an independent youth theatre, The Theatre Space, for young people aged from 7 – 14, in Banbury, Oxfordshire. I am passionate about devising theatre with young people so twice yearly, each group devises and stages its own home-grown play.
  • I have extensive experience of working with gifted and talented children.
  • I run a Creative Writing Group for adults at The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury and courses such as ‘Write that Novel!’ and ‘Writing for Children’ and have been assessed as an ‘outstanding’ teacher by the Workers’ Education Association.
  • I’m a qualified teacher of over 25 years experience.
  • When I’m not doing all things literary and dramatic, I’m a school counsellor, specialising in CBT.

I do some free-lance work and am always interested in developing tailor-made workshops and, of course, in telling my stories! Please get in touch to discuss your needs.


I studied at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, gaining a BA in English and a PGCE and subsequently took an MA in Theatre and Drama Education at Warwick University in which I achieved distinction. I also hold a diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.



4 responses to “About”

  1. TJ says :

    Hello there, would your creative writing classes (4 monthly ones) at the Mill be suitable for someone who is keen to write a book? I would like to buy the classes as a gift so I can’t ask the person what they think. They have wanted to write a book for years but things get in the way so I’m hoping these classes might help to get them started?
    Many thanks.

    • megharperbooks says :

      I’m so sorry – I’m hardly on here these days! But my classes might be suitable. They are very general, however. It’s probably too late but maybe it could be a Christmas present! We’ll be taking new bookings for the new year. I hope that’s of some help. If not, do ring me on 07504 989 033

  2. Tara Lever says :

    Hello there,
    No worries – I went with it anyway and my husband is on your current course (Danny Lever), he is really enjoying it.
    Many thanks,

    • megharperbooks says :

      Hi Tara – glad to hear that – but we didn’t see him at our first class this term, though I think he’s paid! The next class is Feb 7th at 2.30pm as we’re doing a 3 hour class this term. Unfortunately, I’m giving up next term as they want me to revert to 2 hours and it’s getting not worth my while as I live a good distance away! I’m considering starting classes on a weekday evening in Warwick, if that’s of any interest to Danny.

      Thanks, Meg

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